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Product Name Nitrogen making machines in the pharmaceutical industry

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Special nitrogen making machine for laser cutting

In nitrogen cutting, the material is completely melted by laser energy, and nitrogen is blown out of the slit to avoid inappropriate chemical reactions. The melting point area temperature is relatively low, plus nitrogen cooling, protection, reaction is smooth, uniform, cutting quality is high. The section is fine and smooth, the surface roughness is low, and there is no oxide layer.

Laser cutting special nitrogen production machine system composition: air compressor provides gas source for nitrogen generator. Nitrogen is separated from the compressed air and concentrated in a low-pressure nitrogen storage tank. Then nitrogen enters the final high-pressure nitrogen storage tank through a high-pressure nitrogen pressurization device.

Application of nitrogen in laser cutting

High pressure gas for auxiliary cutting: nitrogen as a high pressure gas can remove oxygen from the cutting area and assist laser cutting. This can improve the cutting quality, eliminate oxidation, prevent discoloration, thereby improving the adhesion and welding strength of paint pigments.

Optical path cleaning: nitrogen is used for optical path cleaning to remove any particles from the nozzle to the cutting area from the laser beam path. This prevents any laser distortion and helps to maintain more accurate cutting.

Optical head cleaning: nitrogen is used to purge optical head of fiber laser. Head cleaning ensures that the optical system does not contain particles and moisture, protects the laser, and extends the service life of the equipment.

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