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Detailed explanation of startup process of nitrogen generator

2022/1/11 13:40:13

System startup sequence:

1. Start the freeze dryer for preheating for 1 minute, and then start the air compressor for pressure

The force reaches more than 0.6MPa.

2. The power supply is applied to the machine making device, and the time of the micro controller is adjusted to 575 on both sides

(the factory setting and commissioning are completed, and no adjustment is required under special circumstances). Press the start button and the equipment can be put into operation.

3. Open the air outlet ball, generally to 1 / 4 of the full opening, first

Vent for about 5 minutes and observe whether the nitrogen generator works normally (whether the alternating switching of panel pressure gauge is normal, and the working time of single pressure gauge is 57s)

4. When the nitrogen purity on the control panel reaches the nameplate design value, it can be put into use. If

The rear end of the nitrogen generator is equipped with a storage tank. When starting up for the first time, purge the air storage tank with qualified nitrogen for 2-3 times, and put it into use after the replacement of nitrogen and air.

System shutdown sequence:

First close the nitrogen outlet valve - close the power supply of the nitrogen generator - close the power supply or outlet valve of the air compressor - close the power supply or outlet valve of the cold dryer. According to the safety requirements for gas storage, if there is pressure in the nitrogen storage tank after the system is shut down and the nitrogen is not used in a short time, the air pressure in the storage tank shall be drained.

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