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What are the main types of nitrogen production

2022/1/14 9:32:53

Let's talk about the main types of nitrogen production

1. Membrane air separation

Using air as raw material and under certain pressure, gases such as oxygen and nitrogen have different permeation rates in the membrane to separate oxygen and nitrogen.

2. Cryogenic air separation

Nitrogen production by cryogenic air separation is a traditional nitrogen production method. It takes air as raw material, after compression and purification, and then uses heat exchange to make the air become liquid. It is mainly a mixture of liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen. Using the different boiling points of liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen, they are separated to obtain nitrogen through distillation process.

3. Molecular sieve

The method of separating nitrogen and oxygen by using air as raw material, carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent, pressure swing adsorption principle and carbon molecular sieve for selective adsorption of oxygen and nitrogen is generally known as PSA nitrogen production.

The industrial nitrogen generator consists of air compressor section, air pretreatment section and membrane separation section.

It is separately assembled on the mining flat car, and the three sections are connected by high-pressure rubber hose, so as to form a nitrogen production device. It is a nitrogen equipment designed and manufactured according to pressure swing adsorption technology. The nitrogen generator uses high-quality imported carbon molecular sieve (CMS) as adsorbent and uses the principle of pressure swing adsorption (PSA) to separate air at room temperature to produce high-purity nitrogen.

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