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Solutions to several common faults of nitrogen generator

2022/1/17 10:23:26

Nitrogen generator refers to the equipment that takes air as raw material and uses physical methods to separate oxygen and nitrogen to obtain nitrogen. According to different classification methods, nitrogen generators used in industry can be divided into three types: cryogenic air separation, molecular sieve air separation (PSA) and membrane air separation. Any instrument has faults. The most common faults of the nitrogen generator are generally the following. How to solve several common faults of the nitrogen generator? Let Yangtian Xiaobian explain it for you.

1、 In the process of operation, the high digital pressure displayed on the meter can not reach the set value, which is caused by the leakage device. Conduct a comprehensive leak detection on the gas circuit, especially in the drying chamber and battery.

2、 Check whether the battery is leaking or broken

1 open the side plate of the instrument, observe the black rubber pad between the battery plates to see if there is bulge, deformation and water seepage. If there is, replace the battery;

2. Cut off the power after nitrogen is input to 5kg pressure, and the battery water circuit shall be static. If bubbles continue to emerge, the battery is broken;

Solutions to seven common faults of nitrogen generator

Jiangsu Jiayu pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generator

3、 There is noise during the operation of the instrument

Yes, the solenoid valve rings: use a wrench of 14 to properly adjust the tightness of the nut on the solenoid valve, not too tight; If not, the solenoid valve shall be disassembled for internal cleaning (mainly due to impurities in the internal organs of the solenoid valve). If not, it shall be replaced with a new one.

4、 Gas output upon startup

When the start-up pressure rises, press the red delay switch in front, then release the output pressure from the output, and wait for 10 minutes before use.

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