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How does the nitrogen generator start with air? How is the principle of nitrogen production process?

2022/1/18 8:20:12

How does the nitrogen generator start from air? What is the principle of the nitrogen production process? Next, let Yangtian Xiaobian explain to you:

Principle of nitrogen generator nitrogen generator is based on the principle of pressure swing adsorption, using high-quality carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent to produce nitrogen from air under certain pressure.

The purified and dried compressed air is adsorbed under pressure and desorbed under reduced pressure in the adsorber. Due to the aerodynamic effect, the diffusion rate of oxygen in the micropores of carbon molecular sieve is much higher than that of nitrogen. Oxygen is preferentially adsorbed by carbon molecular sieve, and nitrogen is enriched in the gas phase to form finished nitrogen.

Then, after decompression to atmospheric pressure, the adsorbent desorbs the adsorbed oxygen and other impurities to realize regeneration. Generally, two adsorption towers are set in the system. One tower adsorbs nitrogen and the other tower desorbs and regenerates. The PLC program controller controls the opening and closing of the pneumatic valve to make the two towers circulate alternately, so as to achieve the purpose of continuous production of high-quality nitrogen.

The whole system consists of the following components: compressed air purification assembly, air storage tank, oxygen and nitrogen separation device and nitrogen buffer tank.

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