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Why do many people choose to buy nitrogen generator

2023/2/24 16:26:03

78% of the gas in the air is nitrogen, which is ubiquitous in nature. Nitrogen also plays an important role in people's life. Nitrogen is chemically stable, so it is called an inert gas. It can be used as protective gas. In life, it can be poured into the bulb to prevent the tungsten filament from oxidation and prolong the life of the bulb; Machinery manufacturing enterprises also need to use nitrogen as protective gas when welding metal; We can also use nitrogen to store grain to prevent deterioration and mildew; In agriculture, nitrogen can also be used as fertilizer to produce chlorophyll and protein; In addition, nitrogen is also widely used in other industries such as medical and health care.
However, extracting nitrogen is not an easy thing. One way is to liquefy nitrogen to separate it from the air. However, due to the actual demand in production, many industries need to find a new way to obtain nitrogen, which is about nitrogen generator equipment. Although the price of nitrogen generator is high, it also has great advantages, and soon became your choice.
The first thing to say is timeliness. The nitrogen generator can provide a stable amount of nitrogen in an efficient and timely manner. If the steel cylinder is selected, the delivery efficiency is low, and in case of supply interruption, the entire production period will be delayed, causing losses to the enterprise. This is crucial in industrial production.
Secondly, the cost problem. Although the nitrogen generator equipment is expensive, the traditional steel cylinder has limited gas storage capacity, storage loss, and transportation costs. The cost benefit of the nitrogen generator will soon be reflected.
Finally, there is the energy problem. The treatment of liquid nitrogen requires a large amount of natural energy, and the energy lost in transportation is a relatively inefficient treatment scheme for people. The high efficiency of the nitrogen generator makes it more energy-saving than traditional methods.
Therefore, many people will choose to buy nitrogen generator and insist on owning their own nitrogen generator equipment, which will get twice the result with half the effort.

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