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The reason and solution of the purity drop of nitrogen making machine are analyzed briefly

2021/3/15 16:12:17

The nitrogen generator uses air as raw material, adopts pressure swing adsorption principle, and then adds high-quality carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent to produce nitrogen under certain pressure. The air extracted by the air compressor is dried by the cold dryer, the filter absorbs oil and water and other impurities, and enters the adsorption tower for pressure adsorption and decompression desorption. Oxygen molecules are adsorbed by molecular sieves in the adsorption tower, and nitrogen is enriched to form finished nitrogen. After vacuum desorption, the oxygen and other impurities adsorbed by the adsorbent are desorbed and regenerated. So what are the reasons for the purity of nitrogen generator in this process?
1、 The reasons for the decrease of purity are as follows
1. The adsorption pressure of the nitrogen generator is unstable, such as too high, more than 0.8MPa or too low, less than 0.6MPa;
2. Too much water and oil in gas source;
3. There is air leakage at the outlet interface;
4. Too much air intake leads to too fast pressure rise;
5. Molecular sieve poisoning of nitrogen generator.
2、 There are several measures to improve the purity of nitrogen generator
1. Reduce the air pressure and increase the inlet pressure;
2. Add a tank at the air inlet;
3. Remove and plug again;
4. Replacement of molecular sieve;
5. Adjust the inlet control valve of nitrogen generator to reduce the air intake, and install oil-water separator before the inlet.
If the purity of the nitrogen generator decreases, the reasons can be found and solved according to the above methods.

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