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What are the precautions for nitrogen generator protection?

2021/3/16 19:18:18

Precautions for nitrogen generator protection:
1、 According to the rules of PSA nitrogen plant on the definition of pressure vessel in special equipment safety supervision act, the nitrogen plant belongs to pressure vessel. In order to ensure the safe operation of the nitrogen generator, it is necessary to strictly implement the "special equipment safety supervision act" and the relevant laws and administrative regulations on safe production.
2、 The production Assurance Department of the company is the price management department of the special equipment nitrogen generator. The safety officer of the nitrogen generator application unit should actively cooperate with the production department to ensure the daily protection of the nitrogen generator
3、 As long as the personnel who have passed the training, hold the certificate of special operation personnel issued by the state and are recognized by the company, they are allowed to operate the PSA oxygen plant. The operator should understand the structure and functional characteristics of the nitrogen generator, strictly abide by the operating procedures and operation safety guidelines, and prohibit the use of over temperature, over pressure, over limit and over range.
4、 The application unit shall conduct regular daily protection and regular self inspection on the nitrogen generator, and regular inspection shall be conducted once a month. It is necessary for the operator to conduct daily inspection, and the equipment can only be operated after the inspection is qualified, and fill in the daily operation and regular inspection record of pressure vessel.

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