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Nitrogen making machine for chemical industry

Special nitrogen making machine for chemical industry is suitable for petrochemical industry, coal chemical industry, salt chemical industry, natural gas chemical industry, fine chemical industry, new material and other chemical products processing industry, nitrogen is mainly used for covering, purging, replacement, cleaning, pressure transport, chemical reaction agitation, chemical fiber production protection, nitrogen protection and other fields.

Chemical industry dangerous gas, dangerous liquid, flammable and explosive products, purging special nitrogen machine: nitrogen purity is generally used between 98% and 99.9%, generally intermittent use, pressure requirements are generally: 0.8Mpa less than the flow requirements are not very large. Common flow rate: 50Nm3/h; 80 Nm3 / h; 100 Nm3 / h; 150 Nm3 / h; 200 Nm3/h, the nitrogen production machine specially used in chemical industry produced by our company has a purity of 99.5%-99.9%, which is most suitable for customers to use and fully meets the requirements of customers.

Chemical industry USES nitrogen as raw material for chemical reaction: nitrogen purity is required to be high, generally 99.99% purity.

Nitrogen production machine is mainly used in the fields of drug production, storage, packaging and packaging


The nitrogen production device of variable pressure adsorption takes clean compressed air as raw material and carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent, and USES the principle of variable pressure adsorption to obtain nitrogen at room temperature. According to the difference in the adsorption amount of oxygen and nitrogen in the air on the surface of the carbon molecular sieve and the difference in the diffusion rate of oxygen and nitrogen in the carbon molecular sieve, the programmable controller is used to control the opening and closing of the programmed valve to realize the process of pressurized adsorption, decompression and desorption, complete the separation of oxygen and nitrogen, and obtain the required purity of nitrogen.


1. Quick start-up speed, 15-30 minutes to provide qualified nitrogen;

2. Automatic operation of the equipment, the whole process can realize unattended;

3, efficient molecular sieve loading, tighter, more solid, longer service life;

4. Stable and adjustable pressure, purity and flow rate to meet different needs of customers;

5. Reasonable structure, advanced process, safe and stable, low energy consumption;

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